The “I Need This” Excuse

How many times have you stopped halfway through a project and proclaimed “I can’t finish this until I have ”?A couple times?A hundred times?We all do it. We are working hard, and something catches

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10 Myths About Entrepreneurship That Need To Stop

Can I be 100% honest with you?The majority of posts online are full of fluff. They suck you in with fancy headlines and offer little to no substance.These posts are the internet equivalent of ordering

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The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.

Why you need to stop fearing change

What do you think of when you hear those words?If you are like most people, you probably panicked a little bit. Or maybe just felt uncomfortable. That's perfectly normal, but why does it happen?Why do

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You can't stop everyone from talking shit about you. but you can stop giving a damn

The Subtle Art of Not giving A Shit

Are you worried that other people will criticize your work?I know I was when I launched my first website.It was 2:35 am on a Friday morning. There I was sitting at my desk, lights off, hunched over my

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You are going to fail.

Warning: You Are Going To Fail

​You, the person reading this right now on their laptop screen or mobile phone, will fail, and there is nothing you can do about it.Now you can take this and be afraid. You can hide away and never leave

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The 4 biggest mistakes you are making (probably)

  Do you ever have one of those days where you wonder what you are doing with your life?  You think ‘where am I?’ or ‘how did I get here?’ Yeah. We all have those days, but

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The 7 Tricks I used for my startup

The 7 tricks I used to make $3,360 in 13.5 Hours

If you have seen my other blog posts about my 24 Hour Startup, you already know I brought in over $3000 in the first 24 Hours after launch. I thought I would put together a short write up of the tricks

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Stop doubting yourself. Nothing is impossible.

Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to run my own company, part of that was because I wanted to be in control, the other part was because loved building. I have been build, dismantling, making,

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How a 24 Hour Startup brought in $5000.

The story of how a 24 Hour Startup brought in $5000. Last Sunday (Nov 15th 2015) I was challenged to create a startup in 24 hours. For the startup I decided to build a  collaboration platform for

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